Lymphatic Drainage for Post Op

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Lymphatic Drainage is a specialty underneath the massage and bodywork umbrella. It is a methodology of assisting the body do what it does naturally, which is process inflammatory fluids and bodily waste. We perform this treatment in instances when the body has difficulty or incapability in performing in its natural state, efficiently.  Lymphatic Drainage professionals utilize these techniques in cases of amputation, recovery from cancer surgeries and radiation, lymphedema, autoimmune flare ups, removal of lymph nodes, or within our specialty, plastic surgery.


However, Lymphatic Drainage for Plastic Surgery Recovery, specifically is a sub specialty, within a specialty, within a field of practice. 

It is NOT common for Lymphatic Drainage Therapists to specialize in recovery in Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Brazilian Butt Lifts, etc. 

We utilize MLD techniques but ALSO integrate with other methods to assist in our goals including vacuum therapy, which is a gentle type of cupping therapy, auricular therapy which is a form of acupressure of the ears, and other techniques that have been cultivated within our practice for almost 15 years of experience. We intend to help our clients find relief from the discomfort from the intense swelling that is commonly found in plastic surgery recovery.

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