Shopping Recomendations

Planning for any surgery is like planning for any journey or major event. It requires incredible attention to detail and preparing for all the little things that most of my clients over the years, weren’t prepared for and had to learn along the way. The following content and links have been compiled from years of experience, research, and testimonials from clients who have previously used these resources.

There are VARIOUS categories and details to consider. This is the basic structure of what we recommend you start with researching. These are recovery resources, not surgery center/surgeon planning.*

Tummy tuck massage treatment

Your Shopping List Should Include these Categories...

  • Compression Garments
  • Vibration
  • Therapeutic Service Provider
  • Bathing + Hygiene
  • Sleep + Rest
  • Clothing + Modesty
  • Consumables
  • Topicals
  • Diet

Pre-Op Consultations + Treatments Available


To receive more personal support on your preparation, we have Consultation Appointments and Packages available.

We can also provide you with a Pre-Op Treatment to loosen tension on your body pre-surgery. Pre-Op sessions have been known to result in the lessening of pain and intensity in the initial stages of surgical recovery.