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We are Sacramento’s leading Plastic Surgery Recovery Facility. We offer Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Plastic Surgery and Cancer Surgery recovery.

What makes us different from most massage facilities is that we offer Microcurrent Therapy for Surgery Recovery , inflammation and Pain management , Weigh Loss Promotion , Fibrosis care ,  Scar Tissue Healing. 

Aesthetic Treatments include Microcurrent Facials and Facial Sculpting , Colombian Wood Therapy known as Bodysculpting , Cellulite and Booty Lifting treatments with Vacuum Cupping. 

We also address stress and anxiety management with Therapeutic Massage and Heat Wave Massage and incorporate variations of cupping and vacuum therapy.

We also utilize hemp based products and acupressure in the form of ‘ear seeds’ by request.

Other cases we work with: recovery of Mastectomy , Hysterectomy , Post Partum , Oncology Surgery Recovery , Jaw surgery , TMJ , Whiplash , autoimmune induced inflammation , and even general regular relaxation.

If you have any questions about our services please peruse this website and we have a detailed Q + A available, or feel free to reach out to us.

Lymphatic Drainage for Post Op Sacramento

Whether you had Liposuction, a Brazilian Butt Lift, Facial Reconstructive Surgery, a Tummy Tuck, or are recovering from Cancer Surgery or are Postpartum: We are here to help. 

No. This is not legal in the state of California. The form of Lymphatic Drainage we perform is an integrated style utilizing a variety of techniques to aid your body in swelling reduction, pain management, and quicker healing. Your body will release this fluid through your urine as a result. 

Across the industry it is generally recommended to receive Post Op Massage / Lymphatic drainage 2 times a week for the first two weeks after surgery (as soon as the day after surgery), and then 1-2 times a week for the remainder of month 1. In the second month, it is recommended to come in once a week. By the third month, 1-2 sessions total. Although treatments with us are not necessary past 2-3 months, clients still sometimes come back from time to time for support and touch ups. 

The hardness is an indicator of SWELLING. You can book a lymphatic drainage massage, drink pineapple or arnica tea, and COMPRESS with your proper after care garments. For more tips and tricks, we can help you with resources.

There are various FACTORS to your recovery 1) Dietary 2) good sleep 3) COMPRESSION garments and accessories. However, Post Op Massage does help but if you don’t have these other things in order, Lymphatic Drainage will only help you so much as your body with fight it. As far as other therapists, lymphatic drainage the traditional way, called MLD, IS ABSOLUTELY A VERY LIGHT AND GENTLE MASSAGE BECAUSE THE LYMPH SYSTEM IS DIRECTLY AND DELICATELY UNDER YOUR SKIN. However, most MLD therapists are not trained in Plastic Surgery Recovery, in which require a variety of techniques and at times, and somewhat heavier pressure to get results, even though often, medical massage therapists would argue otherwise. Plastic Surgery Recovery is its OWN ANIMAL and the industry in the U.S.A is STILL learning how to operate in best practices, even region by region, and differs highly from the South American perspective. 

It is NEVER a good idea to begin treatments with energy machines until 3 months after lipo or plastic surgery, as they can cause damage such as ‘fibrosis’ and other issues. We only provide hands only treatments or gentle vacuum/cupping therapy for scar tissue management for the first 2-3 months of post op care. If the client is a good candidate for body sculpting treatments, then after 3 months that is a viable option and we are happy to provide those types of services. 

We can address thickened/matured scar tissue with massage, vacuum/cupping therapy, and gua sha techniques. However, since Fibrosis is an inflammation of scar tissue, and is a direct result of the surgery itself, it is best if you address these concerns directly with your surgeon. Some rare cases may require a revision. However, we have seen that TIME and consistency in after care for the first 2-3 months tends to help tremendously. After ANY invasive procedure, scar tissue alone, is inevitable and can never be perfect. 

The hardness is an indicator of SWELLING.

You may have to check on your compression garments. Are they loose in any way? Then they aren’t doing anything to help you and need more compression.

Did you eat something salty, greasy, carb-y, or sugary? Are you dehydrated? You probably did it through your food/liquid intake. Pull it back, girl!

Book a lymphatic drainage massage, which will help.

Try drinking a homemade pineapple or arnica tea (recipe on our instagram page)

For more tips and tricks, we can help you with resources.

Yes we can. We avoid these areas ultimately but can still provide successful lymphatic drainage and help you feel better as you recover. Once your stitches and drains are removed, and your wounds sealed, we can work together more extensively in the treatment room to help you back to recovery. 

It is outside the scope of practice for massage therapists in the state of California to remove drains and stitches. We are not allowed to work with body fluids, as a wound care nurse or a doctor would be better suited to help you. There are tutorials online if you wish to have a loved one help you with the removal of stitches or drainage tubes, etc. 

This is the unfortunate reality of the Plastic Surgery Culture and the lack of what we like to call “Recovery Culture”. This is the reality that in California, you will NOT likely find any professional that can help you unless you have an infection and then the ER or your doctor may agree to take further action based on how they see fit. There ARE underground Post Op care providers that practice aspiration and drain removals as they were trained in other countries, viably, but they are often underground. We are not part of that community and cannot help, unfortunately.

We sympathize. The #fajalife is real! Ideally for any BBL, Lipo in the midsection/back, or Tummy tuck, the average recommendation is to wear it 23 hours a day for the first 4-6 months and then begin to wean off of it a couple of hours at a time over the course of various weeks. But many people find they wish to wear the faja as part of their daily/nightly routine for years. The stage 1 faja that you get from your surgeon (or you buy 1 size larger than you are prior to surgery) will last up to 10-14 days. By then you need what is nicknamed a “Stage 2” faja. If that faja DOES ITS JOB CORRECTLY with or without foams and boards, it should only last 2 weeks to a month. By THEN you’ll need to have it taken in (or preferably, tapered) or you may need to purchase another one (and or have that tapered as well, as body dimensions between waist and hips need to be factored). During this phase, we call it “swell hell” because you’re fighting your body’s natural healing responses. 

We get it. By the time you are HOME from your surgery, you may feel just plain OVER IT. 

Some of Our Most Popular Treatments

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Rest and Restore with Therapeutic Massage to manage aches, pains, and symptoms of anxiety, depression, or grief. Regular sessions have been known to increase flexibility, reduce pain and soreness, decrease symptoms of chronic stress, increase circulation, and induce an overall sense of wellbeing.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage style that helps to reduce pain and inflammation, stimulates the body’s natural ability to release cellular waste, reduce bloating, speed up recovery time from surgical procedures, and helps manage the intensity of inflammatory responses from autoimmune disorders.

Refresh. Relax. Recover.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been practicing for 15 years and almost 70  5 out of 5 star reviews on Yelp! 

We are Sacramento’s most referred Post Operative Massage Therapists. 

Experiene customized care

All sessions are strictly devoted to your needs and your care. During our consult at the beginning of each session, we take care to be sure we grasp what it is your are needing that day. We encourage our clients to openly and honestly communicate their needs at any time. 


We are known for going above and beyond not just in the treatment room with extras and upgrades that most MT’s don’t utilize in their practice. We also offer outside support and resources that we offer our guests. No two parties are cared for the same way

Quiet + Peaceful

Our clients range from those who are recovering from trauma, surgery, and stressful situations. We keep our environment light, quiet, and gentle. We’re not chatty during our sessions, but if you relax by connecting and talking, we let you lead how you want your session!

General Massage Therapy FAQ

We DO offer Deep Tissue Massage on our menu, however, there is one minor discrepancy: Deep tissue does NOT mean that to reach or impact the deeper bodily tissues by means of deep or heavy pressure.  I have discovered over time that deep tissue really is not the best treatment for most cases because studies have shown that it may cause damage to a client’s neuro receptors. In time, NOTHING seems deep enough and the client might never feel that relief they long for, no matter how deep or “hard” the massage professional puts their weight into a client. It further hurts the massage therapist over time. As a result, we primarily utilize orthopedic and sports massage along with Thai techniques and cupping as necessary as much as deep tissue techniques to give the client the best results. 

That’s ok! There are ways to work around the aversion to touch. You also don’t have to remove clothing. Focusing on, for example: Compressions, Trigger Points, lymphatic drainage for circulation support, and general touch therapy instead of repetitive strokes are a great alternative that can give similar results! We can work with this and customize a session for you.

We understand you! We all need mental and emotional health support. The typical American lifestyle requires coping, even from daily routine, and mental health education is on the rise. Massage can help calm the peripheral nervous system, calm the mind, and give you time to “shut down” and disengage from life, your social media, responsibilities, etc. We requires to have all the natural happy hormones moving functionally. Maybe you need circulatory help in general. Perhaps your high blood pressure or high blood sugar needs to be managed by more purposeful relaxation, as prescribed by your doctor! What if you have depression and anxiety as a result of not just “life” or personal trauma, but from the symptoms of autoimmune condition or cancer? Regular massage has been known, study after study, to HELP. ESPECIALLY with mental and emotional health. From our perspective, we can tell you after 15 years of performing massage therapy, we hear from clients who agree that regular massage sessions have been a positive addition to their lives and personal wellness practices.

Massage has been known to help stimulate the circulation within the body, which also circulates hormones, oxygen, and allows the brain the disconnect from the outside world for a brief time. The long term benefits for regular care make the biggest impact on depression and anxiety management.

About The  Owner

Christina Acosta

Practicing Massage Therapy since 2005.
Mention in 2014 CBS Article
Vacation Relaxation: “Best Spas in Sacramento“.
Published in Massage Magazine, April 2019
Certified Massage Therapist

Christina Acosta LMT #39170 devotes her practice to Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, and Oncology Surgery aftercare to give clients recovering a better quality of life during these life phases. Specialties including Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Columbian Wood Therapy, amongst other treatments. She also holds a previous background in orthopedic massage, vacuum cupping for pain, anxiety, and depression management.

We have now turned into a team of 3! We look forward to sharing more in the near future. 

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