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Plastic Surgery Recovery

We are the only Sacramento Massage Studio that is strictly oriented towards Plastic Surgery Recovery. Most clients come to us after any form of reconstructive and elective surgery, Oncology based recovery, and Postpartum care. We utilize Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Vacuum Therapy. But have 15 years experience with Orthopedic Massage Therapy.

Other cases we have worked with: Fibrosis and Scar tissue build up, Recovery of Mastectomy , Hysterectomy , C section and natural birth, Oncology Surgery Recovery , Jaw surgery , TMJ , Whiplash , autoimmune induced inflammation , and anxiety management. Most clients come to us when they are lost in their recovery journey, not knowing which advice they find on the internet is the correct advice. We set them straight and further educate and offer personal support drawing from our own experiences with all the unique cases we have had over the years. Consultations available whether your are Pre or Post Op and for Compression Garment Strategizing are also available to our clients.

If you are new to this website, please peruse the other pages, we have spent a lot of time compiling resources for you and a detailed most common Q+A is below. Don’t forget to follow us on various social platforms so you can keep up with us regularly.

Lymphatic Drainage for Post Op Sacramento

There are SO MANY questions that most of our clients have that are VERY consistent. Please peruse our detailed Q+A. 

If your question was not answered, please email us at

Yes. We specialize specifically in reconstructive surgery recovery from various forms of liposuction, lifts, augmentations, and can even work with postpartum, C-section, hysterectomy, jaw surgery, etc. We also have experience with recovery from cancer surgery, radiation, and chemo. 

I also had J plasma / Renuvion. Are you able to work with this? 

It is NOT in the scope of practice for any MT to work with bodily fluids. Even though this is a rampant and popularized practice in places such as Miami, Florida, Parts of Texas, San Diego, and Mexico, we do not offer practices outside our scope, EVER.

Sometimes clients come to us after seeing someone who is a normal massage therapist who utilized what techniques that they felt comfortable with, without truly understanding the complexities and subtle needs of the lymphatic system. If a therapist performed MLD properly, the client should feel lighter, the urge to use the restroom within 20 minutes, and feel overall better. If you had an MLD session but did not drain, then the culprit is often lack of compression and inflammatory diet. 

The hardness is an indicator of SWELLING. You can book a lymphatic drainage massage, drink pineapple or arnica tea, and COMPRESS with your proper after care garments. For more tips and tricks, we can help you with resources.

We are not body sculptors nor do we believe the common services associated with this term (cavitation, radio frequency, etc) are viable forms of treatment for post op. In the first 6 weeks or so after surgery our primary focus is helping to manage the swelling and the discomfort with it. When the swelling is significantly less of a concern, we utilize vacuum therapy to help with the reduction of the tightness, discomfort, and appearance of scar tissue that is internal and external. This by default may show some minor changes to one’s shape, but it is not intended to reshape someone’s body nor to perfect your surgeon’s results. We are here to assist in promoting proper healing. 

We are not doctors and cannot diagnose conditions. Scar tissue goes through various stages of healing and sometimes absorbs fluid, aka inflamed scar tissue, which is also another term for fibrosis. However, the extreme fibrosis that we consider the “boogey man” of the post op industry is caused primarily by very aggressive liposuction. We have seen true fibrosis VERY rarely. and Lumps and bumps and other irregularities that show up after liposuction and tummy tucks for instance are quite common and normal and not to be worried about. Full healing usually takes about a full year in all regards. However, we can help address some of the irregularities about 6 weeks out of surgery and with vacuum therapy we’ve had positive results with many clients in the past.

It is outside the scope of practice for massage therapists in the state of California to remove drains and stitches. We are not allowed to work with body fluids, as a wound care nurse or a doctor would be better suited to help you. There are tutorials online if you wish to have a loved one help you with the removal of stitches or drainage tubes, etc. 

Yes, we can absolutely help you strategize your compression protocol. We have a lot of experience with fajas, foams, boards, etc and would be happy to help. You can even book a consultation as a treatment add on when you book your appointment.

The swelling happens for several reasons: 1) Trauma to the body produces an inflammatory response 2) Due to the trauma, the outer lymphatics are damaged and need 9-10 days to regenerate, until then the body is cannot maintain its pre-surgery fluid pressure. 3) In the case of liposuction, one may discover the skin will be looser, especially since fatty tissue was removed, so there is extra space. When not compressed, the swelling will seem extreme because the fluid production will continue until pressure creates the boundary. Lymphatic drainage, compression, and proper diet, hydration, and rest tends to help. 

It is NEVER a good idea to begin treatments with energy machines until 3 months after lipo or plastic surgery, as they can cause damage such as ‘fibrosis’ and other issues. We only provide hands only treatments or gentle vacuum/cupping therapy for scar tissue management for the first 2-3 months of post op care. If the client is a good candidate for body sculpting treatments, then after 3 months that is a viable option and we are happy to provide those types of services. 

It is best to wait until the 3rd day after surgery to begin, but it is never too late to start. We have experience with multiple clients who waited anywhere between 3-5 years after their surgery to begin with treatments, and were able to have notable and positive results, regardless of the wait to begin.

Pre-Op and Post Op Consultations available for Distance Learning

We offer Pre-op and Post-Op Consultations via Zoom for those who need more information about their current or future recovery. The internet is a vast place with many rabbit holes of incorrect information and forums full of inconsistencies. We are happy to offer one on one’s with those who are too far from us in distance to be our hands on client. If you’re lost on your journey and are unsure how to manage swelling, scar tissue, compression, and other frustrations, consider allowing us to consult you! 

Consultations are also available for our clients requiring services as an add-on.

Packages available for Zoom Consultations. Workshops and classes available in the future. 

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Lymphatic Massage Sacramento

Lymphatic Drainage is a daily process that your body continues to use to keep you healthly. When we have an auto-immune condition or Lymphedema, or had some sort of trauma or procedure done, that system has been known to provide dramatic relief through MLD or Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage is a very specific specialty within that realm, of which we specialized in Sacramento since 2012.

Plastic Surgery Recovery

Recovery Resources from Surgical procedures is rare in California and even more rare in the Norcal Region. We are a part of a new movement called The "Norcal Postop Network" and we are in the beginning stages of collaboration with other local MLD and Oncology Specialists. In the meantime we are active in the online communities on instagram as @jungleandgracemassage and use the hashtags #norcalpostopnetwork #ncpon #stoppostopabuse to follow this journey!

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Why Choose Us?

We’ve been practicing for 15 years with almost 70  5 out of 5 star reviews on Yelp! We are Sacramento’s most referred Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapists, and look forward to serving you.


We have 15 years experience in the field of Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Plastic Surgery with a background in Orthopedic Massage and Cupping. We utilize techniques such as vacuum therapy and scar tissue release in our practice to give appropriate and unique care to those recovering from any type of reconstructive procedure. We believe in a wholistic approach.


We value sharing information and education in the pre-op arena as well as for post op. We offer outside support and resources that most would not. We spend as much time as possible in educating our clients and answering questions, and even sharing insight in subjects relating to their recovery that their surgical team does not tend to address with their patients. 

Compassion + Dignity

Plastic surgery is an elective surgery, however, every patients results and experience vary greatly from easy to downright traumatic. We are here for our clients and take support and edification of our people very seriously. When you book with us, you book with people who care about your recovery, you as an individual, and we want to equip you to recover effectively.

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Christina Acosta CMT

Practicing Massage Therapy since 2005.
Mention in 2014 CBS Article
Vacation Relaxation: “Best Spas in Sacramento“.

Half a page spread published in Massage Magazine, April 2019 issue debunking the  Christian “laying of hands” as means of esoteric ‘energy healing.’

Christina Acosta CMT #39170 devotes her practice to Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, and Oncology Surgery aftercare to give clients recovering a better quality of life during these life phases. Specialty includes Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Vacuum Therapy (cupping). She also holds a previous background in orthopedic massage. 15 years experience.

She is currently writing two books, a devoted Christian, loves her husband with her heart and soul, has an unhealthy houseplant obsession, loves cooking and sharing her concoctions on instagram @mrs.christinacosta

You can also follow her on @jungleandgracemassage

She also loves to DIY, create videos and internet content, enjoys being a bonus mom and to two teenagers and a bonus dog mom to Leo, her family dog. Christina dreams to learn to scuba dive one day.

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How you know you found the right provider for Post Op?

Our Post Op Services are #1 most referred in NorCal. Sometimes it isn’t just the certifications and licenses. It is about the co-laboring effort and open communication with a provider who has a decade or more of experience. We listen to our clients’ concerns and fears as many of them are suffering from PTSD from Post Operative Abuse that is all too prevalent when clients travel out of state. Further, discovering the stark reality that post operative culture is not prevalent in our region as is in other areas can be disheartening and frustrating.  We understand the importance and dire necessity to re-educate not just our clients but the greater internet post surgical community. We are referred from out of state and out of country, and we are ever so grateful for the love that we receive from past clientele. If you’re looking for some information, we are happy to share it, and even more blessed to help you recover.